Lab 8 – Flip Flops

October 24, 2008

No, this isn’t a political commentary, but a post on my most recent lab for my Digital Circuit Logic class.

Today’s lab was about Flip-Flops, a nifty little toy that “remembers” previous inputs and uses them to determine future inputs.  I still am having trouble with the how and why, but when it comes to labs, this one was refreshingly easy.

Part 1: manually build an S-R latch:

Cake.  As seen below, just feed the output of one NOR gate into the other and use a S (set) and R (reset) as the inputs.  Your outputs are Q and Q’.

Part 2: Manually build a D Flip-Flop

This, in and of itself is not difficult. Start with a S-R latch and connect S and R each to the output of their own AND gate. Then the AND gates are connected to a clock and a “data” (D) and repeated. I had trouble implementing this circuit only because of human error. I was using NAND gates rather than NOR gates with my S-R latch, which in this case always returned TRUE. Check the figure below.

Part 3: Construct a T latch with a J-K latch:

This was cake. Straight from the book. Just connect J and K together and call it T and hook up the clock so that it will “toggle” the output if J=1 and do nothing if J=0. Again, diagrams:

That was this week’s lab. It was really nice to be able to get it done in only an hour or so, rather than 4.




October 15, 2008

So just registered this wordpress blog.  Gonna see what I can do to utilize it properly.
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October 15, 2008

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